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See You Monday!

In the wake of the NYU administration’s draconian response to student protest, we called out for help and you answered our cry.  You stood behind us, and rallied in defense of accountability and student democracy. You made calls, you wrote letters, you signed petitions, you made our cry heard across the globe, and [...]

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You Weigh In

Who has a say in NYU’s allocation of funds? Who should have a say?

What does tuition go to? What are the other ways the university raises money? What are the implications of each?

How much information is already available to the public? What is missing?

Should corporations and/or universities make their budgets public?

The exchange of ideas is [...]

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Well, what do you know? NYU has just lost $24 million dollars in investments managed by Bernard Madoff, the infamous former chairman of the Nasdaq Stock Market who was recently arrested for racking up $50 billion in fraudulent hedge fund losses. J. Ezra Merkin, the investment chair of NYU’s Board of Trustees, has resigned and is [...]

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New School students won major victories last night in their struggle to bring democracy, transparency and student power to campus! THIS IS A MAJOR VICTORY FOR STUDENT POWER EVERYWHERE! NYU, you’re next!
Like the New School, NYU is rich with hypocrisy, secrecy and lies. We the students ARE the university, and as we learned last night [...]

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Study Breakdown Takes Back Bobst!

Tonight, with the help of Take Back NYU!, one hundred and fifty funky students got down to some ill jams in Bobst library! If you were there, you might have noticed the energetic mob bouncing around while singing to MIA and Le Tigre. Onlookers quickly joined in, and we danced like there was no tomorrow [...]

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Regarding Our Tactics

I think a whole lot of folks have read some of the recent press about us. In light of our interest in full disclosure, I’d like to address some concerns individuals might have about the campaign and about our ability to sustain an effective campaign.
Most of these article’s writers focus on our appearance at the [...]

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Misleading on Fair Pay at NYU

During this week’s Town Hall, NYU President Sexton misled students on the state of fair pay at NYU.  He claimed that a report from the Women’s Faculty Caucus concluded that there were no problems with pay gaps at NYU.
This is not true.  The report shows substantial ongoing problems with pay gaps at NYU.  Here are [...]

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11/10 NYU Town Hall: A good laugh

President John Sexton, mouthpiece for the board of trustees, dodged student questions yet again at NYU’s farce of a democratic meeting last night.
One question was: NYU has taken many efforts to become sustainable. Why don’t they continue those efforts to become sustainable by doing things like voting on proxies and passing shareholder resolutions for companies [...]

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