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See You Monday!

In the wake of the NYU administration’s draconian response to student protest, we called out for help and you answered our cry.  You stood behind us, and rallied in defense of accountability and student democracy. You made calls, you wrote letters, you signed petitions, you made our cry heard across the globe, and [...]

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You Weigh In

Who has a say in NYU’s allocation of funds? Who should have a say?

What does tuition go to? What are the other ways the university raises money? What are the implications of each?

How much information is already available to the public? What is missing?

Should corporations and/or universities make their budgets public?

The exchange of ideas is [...]

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Why did I come to NYU? I came here for an education. Universities are havens of intellectual discourse. The dynamic process of these exchanges is extraordinarily generative. These are made manifest at different universities in different ways, as they are comprised of different people. That being said, I am at NYU for the people. [...]

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Unions + Disclosure = Happy TA’s!

Hey! Have you ever thought “Oh wow, I <3 my TA so much! S/he’s so great I forget s/he isn’t a professor!”? Don’t you think s/he should be adequately compensated for all that great work, helping you learn and what not?
Or maybe you’re thinking “Jesus, why are all my TA’s so GRUMPY!” Well, maybe they [...]

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Animal Rights and Budget Disclosure

When animal rights (as a reason for budget disclosure) were brought up at the Town Hall, President Sexton wrote off students’ concerns completely, mentioning all NYU animal spending is done with government grants and all the information can be found on the internet. However, he failed to mention that in 2004, 2005, and 2006, NYU’s [...]

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NYU Making Cuts from the Bottom Up

NYULocal has a telling story about NYU’s approach to budget cuts, which have janitorial staff taking a benefit cut during university-wide belt tightening.  Not only is this a disturbing trend of NYU cutting at the bottom of the ladder first, it shows why we need budget transparency - in the article NYU PR rep John [...]

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NYU’s Space Problems

Once upon a time, there was an NYU building called the Loeb Student Center.  It had student club offices, rooms to meet, and served a few administrative functions.  Then, in 2004, it was demolished.  It was replaced by the Kimmel Center for University Life.  Note the change in title - and a change in function.
Kimmel [...]

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The Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation held a press conference today to protest NYU’s planned demolition of the Provincetown Playhouse. NYU has put up scaffolding and boarded up windows in anticipation of a permit to demolish the Playhouse, despite not yet having a permit to begin de-construction. With Reverend Billy at their [...]

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