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We came, we saw, we occupied. Now what?
Two weeks ago, NYU’s Kimmel Center was occupied for just under 40 hours. Take Back NYU! invites you to a conversation about the issues brought up by the occupation. Bring thoughts, criticisms, opinions, and frustrations to engage in a constructive dialogue about TBNYU!, their tactics, their demands, student [...]

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As I’m sure you’re aware, about eighty students began occupying the Marketplace in the Kimmel Center on Wednesday night. We intended to stay until the administration negotiated with us regarding our list of demands focusing on democracy, transparency, accountability, and human rights. The administration repeatedly refused to negotiate. On Thursday night, a rally outside the [...]

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NYU’s Kimmel Center (60 Washington Square South), room 405. Monday, December 8, 7-9 p.m.
Monica Hunken (clown brigade/reverend billy)
Ben Shephard (wrote a book on creative street activism)
Andrew Flowers (queer fist!)
Anonymous Panda from Panadmonium
The overarching theme for the evening should be about ‘What makes an effective action?’. More specifically:

When is it most appropriate [...]

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Dance Party in Bobst

Just got invited to an event on Facebook called “Study Breakdown”, a Bobst dance party the night before reading day at 8. it sounds a lot like the freak-ins that happened in the 60’s here at NYU (we actually spoke about them at the first TBN! event!), or Pandamonium, the Williamsburg panda takeover that happened this summer. Pandamonium ended with a [...]

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TBN!/NOW March for Pay Equality

Last Wednesday, National Organization of Women at NYU sponsored a march calling for budget disclosure in the name of pay equality. Dozens of attendees chanted “equal work for equal pay, transparency is the only way!”, “secrets secrets are no fun, the budget is for everyone!”, and “get off it, disclose it, put students over profit!”

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NYU Monster Mash and Take Back NYU!

CONTACT: Duncan Meisel, 512-657-9124, [email protected]

NYU’s ‘Monsters’ On the Loose in Take Back NYU! Street Theater Action

Take Back NYU! campaign for transparency and democracy at NYU hosts a monster mash of NYU’s ghouls at Washington Square Park on Tuesday at 11:30am, featuring ghosts, vampires and ’skeletons in the closet’ to protest the NYU Administration’s secrecy and [...]

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Take Back NYU! meeting

Mondays, 7pm in Kimmel 405.
*11/24 meeting will be canceled (we’re lending our room to a Know Your Rights workshop) but will be held on 11/23 at 7 (location TBA)
Ch-check it out on our calender.

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